Nintendo updates Miitomo app with chat room customization

It was Nintendo's first foray in the world of mobile devices, miitomo, the curious social network from the guys at Nintendo. And we say curious since we could choose an avatar, the famous avatars that we have seen for a long time in many Nintendo boys video games, to communicate with our friends like on any other social network.

A lot was expected of it, and it was on the lips of all the media since it was the first application coming directly from Nintendo, but yes, it died out quite quickly. And it is that many expected Nintendo to start on mobile devices with one of its classic video games… Yes, the long-awaited Mario Bross for mobile devices will arrive very soon, and it will surely be the start of good more (we're not forgetting Pokémon GO either). . But no, The Nintendo Miitomo is not dead, and the result is that it has just been updated with new options focused on customization…

Probably many of you have never downloaded this Nintendo Miitomo, I personally downloaded it to investigate a little how it works but quickly ended up deleting it. But if you're one of those who stuck with the Nintendo Miitomo, you're in luck. With the new update you will find, among other things, with private chats, yes, a social network that didn't have private chats and which finally has them.

THE Miis rooms also gain a touch of personalization, you can customize from walls to floors with anything you can imagine. And the social character is increased by the possibility that others users rate the clothes we wear. Very interesting improvements for everyone who uses this curious social network. The rest of us will continue to wait to see the company's classic games brought to our mobile devices…

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