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Nintendo Switch Pro: Doug Bowser speaks

Nintendo Switch Pro: Doug Bowser speaks

Doug Bowser, president of the American division of Nintendo, recently commented on the rumors regarding the alleged existence of Nintendo Switch Pro. The executive explained during an interview with the Washington Post that Nintendo Switch continues to give satisfaction to the Kyoto house, but that a technological upgrade has always been part of the Nintendo strategy.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Doug Bowser speaks

The much talked about new model of Nintendo Switch Pro is now the subject of numerous rumors and leaks. As we have seen in recent weeks, the official announcement of the new console was expected for theE3 2021but it looks like we’ll still have to wait to know what the big N has in store for us.

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To open a glimmer in the fog of rumors and various insiders was thought by Doug Bowser, who said the following to the microphones of the Washington Post, after receiving a question about the Nintendo Switch Pro: “We at Nintendo always look to the latest technologies and how they can improve our gaming ecosystem “.

The manager then specified: “it’s not so much about implementing the latest technologies available, but about how they can provide real added value to our gameplay experiences. Where to apply that technology? On existing hardware or on a new platform? And what is the most suitable gaming experience to make the most of it? These are just some of the factors we constantly measure ourselves with ”.

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We remind you that this new version of Switch should support the DLSS technologywhich would allow the Nintendo hybrid to achieve one 4K resolutionwhen connected to a monitor or TV. The console is also expected to have a much more powerful chipset and screen OLED.

The executive’s words are certainly very vague and generic, but they seem to point towards a technical upgrade of the Nintendo Switch that we will perhaps see shortly. According to rumors, Nintendo Switch Pro should arrive this fall.