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Nintendo: still new internal information lost

Nintendo: still new internal information lost

The internal data of the Nintendo related to the past. The latest discoveries concern titles that have never seen the light or in any case projects that have been modified over time.

Nintendo data

The news that continues to arrive thanks to the recent “Gigaleak”Of Nintendo’s internal data. In this data flow, there are also particular information of games, different then from what was then the final product. Super Mario Kart, for example, it had a number of different elements which were then changed in the course of construction. All the material recovered online should belong to an internal database of the video game development house, which has not yet had the opportunity to officially communicate on this matter. Within these files, there are a series of characters who were later found in various titles, even after many years.

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Animal Crossing news

Even one of the most famous titles should be involved in this scattering of data. The news of the possible source code published for a title vaguely reminiscent of the goal of Animal Crossing, it could change the plans of the players. Furthermore, the possibility of working on this code cannot be excluded, an element that would open new horizons within the game.

The precedent of Animal Forest

Another important element is the disclosure of codes related to Animal Forest, true ancestor of the more famous Crossing. The game, originally released for Nintendo 64 and then also for GameCubehas a basis that it probably shares with the title of the Nintendo Switch. The publication of these codes could allow fans to discover new details, not agreed with the manufacturer. For the same title, an update is planned that could expand the vast choice of players and the possible scenarios to be displayed.