Nintendo overtakes Sony in market capitalization thanks to Pokémon GO

It's very likely that you're up to your nose with so much talk about Pokémon GO, but over the past couple of weeks it seems like what little news there is is always related to Pokémon and Nintendo, but not always with the game itself. On this occasion we are going to talk about the market value of the Japanese company, which thanks to the launch of Pokémon GO managed to position itself above the multinational Sonymanufacturer of the PlayStation.

It looks more like a bubble that will gradually deflate. The stock market value that Nintendo reached in just a few days only thanks to the launch of this application is something quite easy to understand, since it is no longer a fashionable application, which sooner or later will cease to be used massively by users. And, otherwise, at the time.

Within days of Pokémon GO's launch last week, the company's value had increased by 14% and To date, he has accumulated increases of 120% and all thanks to the Pokémon GO game. Thanks to the increase in share value, the Japanese firm Nintendo managed to overtake Sony in market capitalization. Nintendo's stock market value is $42.5 billion, surpassing the all-powerful Sony both inside and outside the country.

Today the application is available in 32 countriesand it presents the first operational problems, either due to the DDoS attacks that the servers have received, or due to the collapse that users experience from time to time when several million users agree to play at the same time.

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