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Nine Perfect Strangers: the trailer of the Amazon series with Nicole Kidman

Nine Perfect Strangers: the trailer of the Amazon series with Nicole Kidman

Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer for the highly anticipated Nine Perfect Strangers series, which will be available worldwide starting August 20, excluding the United States and China. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Australian author Liane Moriarty and is produced by the Big Little Lies team. The outstanding cast consists of Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Luke Evans, Tiffany Boone, Bobby Cannavale,Melvin Gregg,Regina Hall,Manny Jacinto,Asher Keddie,Michael Shannon,Grace Van Patten AndSamara Weaving. The first three episodes of the series will debut on Amazon Prime Video on August 20. Subsequent episodes will be available on a weekly basis. Let’s see what awaits us.

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Nine Perfect Strangers: the official trailer of the Amazon series

Below, the official synopsis of the series:

Filmed in Australia, the drama series is set in a luxury wellness resort that promises a process of healing and transformation. The story revolves around nine stressed-out characters who live in the city and try to follow a path to have a better lifestyle. Supervising them during the ten-day stay is the director of the center Masha (Kidman), a woman whose mission is to restore their minds and their bodies. But these nine strangers have no idea what awaits them.

Nine Perfect Strangers executive producers Nicole Kidman and Per Saari for Blossom Films, Bruna Papandrea, Jodi Matterson and Steve Hutensky for Made Up Stories, David E Kelley, Melissa McCarthy, John Henry Butterworth, Samantha Strauss, Jonathan Levine, Molly Allen and Liane Moriarty. The series is written by David E Kelley and John Henry Butterworth and directed by Jonathan Levine. In this period, Nicole Kidman is particularly active in the television field. Before this new Amazon project, we actually admired it in the first two seasons of Big Little Lies, in Top of the Lake – The Mystery of the Lake and in The Undoing – The Untold Truths.

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In conclusion, here is the official poster of the series which, we remember, will debut on Amazon Prime Video nextAugust 20.