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Nikola Tesla: The Man From the Future will be presented to Alice in the City

Nikola Tesla: The Man From the Future will be presented to Alice in the City

The short film Nikola Tesla: The Man from the Futureby Alessandro Parrello, will be presented to Alice in the City. The short narrates the life of the great scientist and his most important invention: the electromagnetic motor with alternating current.

This is the first chapter of a project dedicated to “the man who invented the twentieth century”, a series conceived and created by Alessandro Parrello. The film will be projected Wednesday 21 October at 4.00 pm at the Cloud within the Alice nella Città program.

Nikola Tesla to Alice in the City

We are located in New York and it is the May 16, 1888. Visionary Serbo-Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla is about to present an innovative AC asynchronous motor.

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Before the demonstration, wealthy businessman George Westinghouse meets Tesla privately for get him to sell him his patent and go into business with him.

The scientist declines the millionaire offer but during the demonstration something happens that will change the world forever. Is Tesla just a young scientist or a visionary from the future?

The short is an international project multiplatform shot in Englishwhich provides for the traditional film version it’s a VR 3D version. This is virtual reality created with a shooting method in 10-chamber 3D subjective which allows you to jump into the story.

The final effect is truly amazing.

All the effects on stage were created using a real Tesla coil brought to the set. A good part of the shooting then took place at the ancient Delmonico’s restaurantwhere the scientist often went to dinner and right in the place where he sat.

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Nikola Tesla – The Man From The Future was produced by West 46th Films in English co-production with Casting The Bridge LTD, with the support of Nuovo Imaie and Latina Film Commission.

After the premiere at the Rome Film Fest, the short will be broadcast on Rai play And Rai Cinema Channel as well as in the film version also in the VR 3D versionwhich will allow the viewer to step into Tesla’s shoes.