Nexus One sales continue to take off

A few hours ago, I wrote that Android and the Android Market had clearly taken off and that the future of both looked pretty good, but it's not all good news for Google in the telephony field mobile and to show a new button that has just arrived from the United States.

According to figures published by the company Flurry, the Nexus One, the search engine's smartphone, not selling as well as expected. Since its release in the USA a few weeks ago 135,000 units were soldwhich may not seem like a bad figure, but if we compare it to the sales achieved by other terminals in the first weeks after its launch, it is clear that the Nexus One is not taking off.

Those from Flurry compared the sales of the Nexus One with those of the iPhone and the Motorola Droid: on the one hand we have that 1 million iPhones were sold in its first 74 days and on the other Motorola has sold 1.05 million droids in the same period. With these numbers ahead of the Nexus One's sales figures, it sounds like a laugh.

And why doesn't the Nexus One sell more if it is undeniable that we are facing a formidable terminal also supported by a « super-company »? Well, everyone attributes the low sales to Google only sells its terminal via an operator (T-Mobile) and on the Interneta channel that Americans are not used to using to buy mobiles.

In any case, those at Google have already stated that they are not very concerned about these first data and the truth is that I would not be worried if I were them. They have a very good quality terminal with an operating system that works like a charm, it is a matter of time before sales increase, waiting to see if potential consumers lose the means to buy the smartphone through Internet and in the worst case if it does not work, the solution is simple: sign more agreements with the operators.

Google will stop selling the Nexus One online

Via: Silicon Alley Insider

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