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New World: What exactly is the new game from Amazon Games?

New World: What exactly is the new game from Amazon Games?

New World is officially available on the market and is already making headlines for several reasons. For the uninitiated, we are talking about the new online RPG in mode mass multiplayer developed and published by Amazon Games. Let’s find out what New World is, starting from the setting up to the game mechanics.

What is New World?

New World available starting September 28 and it is an MMO experience designed by the Amazon team. The game at launch will be available in 3 different versions there Standard Editionthe Deluxe Edition and the Steelbook Edition. But let’s talk about the plot of this multiplayer adventure and the way it is played.

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New World is in fact set on a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean, called Aeternum Island, in which we players will be shipwrecked and consequently begin our adventure. At its base, the game is therefore nothing more than an open world full of activities to be carried out, from fighting to the crafting of resources useful for exploration. Exploring in fact will be fundamental for the growth in our character, which we can develop in various ways.

The central core of the New World narrative, however, is to be found in the three factions to which we can join, that is the Marauders, the Syndicate and the Brothers. Once we become part of one of these factions we will be able to wage wars to claim, defend and develop our territory, fundamental mechanics to unlock the most precious resources the island has to offer.

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In short, a real war of conquest, which among other things is well suited to the aesthetics of the title, which refers to the imagination of Spanish colonization of the Americas.

Fights and gameplay

In terms of gameplay we are faced with a third-person role-playing game, with the possibility of using both range and melee weapons. However, it should be noted that the title does not offer any targeting or lock on systems on the enemyso to hit our shots we will need good aim and a particularly steady hand.

The game world will also dynamically adapt to the player’s actions and level by proposing an always balanced challenge even for players who have reached the highest levels. Enemies will also adopt more complex patterns over time, which will force the player to counter them using timed attacks, dodges, weapon locks, retreats or stealth.

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It will also be possible to level up some aspects of the character related to the construction of weapons or trade, such as theHandicraftwhich unlocks the manufacture of offensive tools, armor, jewelry and even the kitchen) Refining which, on the other hand, allows for the fusion, processing of wood, leather, weaving or cutting of stone.

There is also the Collection and also a skill of Camping, relating to survival in the wilderness. Finally, there are also PvP fights with and without quests, although it is not yet very clear how these will interface with the gameplay experience.

For Amazon it will be a success

A few hours after the official launch he intervened Christoph Harmannvice president of Amazon Games, who explained that, in his opinion, New World will be a huge success, even in the face of the support that the company of Jeff Bezos has provided to the entire project.

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“I think New World is something unexpected for a lot of people because I think they just assumed it was never going to come out for real. I see a lot of enthusiasm for the company’s games, a lot of support, and it’s increasing over time rather than decreasing – says Hartmann – I haven’t seen any signs that Amazon is getting tired of its gaming division, I just see a lot of support. And when we get great success, and I believe New World will be, we will get even more support from the company. “

We just have to wait to try New World firsthand to see if the vice president’s promises will be kept. We remind you that for the moment the game is only available on PC.