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New weapons and cross-play coming to Destiny 2

New weapons and cross-play coming to Destiny 2

Bungie announced updates for Destiny 2, promising to increase the number and variety of weapons and rewards. It also officially announces the possibility of playing cross-play on consoles and PCs from 2021, while not stating a precise date. After the complaints of many fans for the cutting of old content with “Beyond the light”, Bungie promises to add new ones as soon as possible.

Destiny 2 promises updates to add new weapons

In a post published on the Destiny website, the assistant director of the game Joe Blackburn talked about how the rewards in the game have changed. THE limits on the Infusion of the old weapons have raised a lot of complaints about the latest update of Destiny 2. Blackburn explained the choice with these words:

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“Introducing limits to Infusions is one way of making sure that the total number of rewards Guardians need to care about to be competitive is not prohibitive. Plus it’s a way to keep evolving the meta each season, while still providing a ton of options for players when they decide to take on a challenge. Our goal is to keep Destiny 2 fresh and improve it over time ”.

Blackburn however acknowledges that Beyond the Light didn’t add enough new weapons to replace those that have been removed. For this he promises that “in the future, the annual updates of Destiny 2 will have more weapons and collectibles than Beyond the Light”.

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The post also adds that the next big update introduces the possibility of cross-play, allowing you to challenge opponents on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. In addition, the developers want to bring the Destiny from the first Vault of Glass. Transmog arrives for season 14.

Destiny 2 future updates bring new weapons and gameplay possibilities, keeping the game relevant in an environment with more and more rivals for the Bungie title.