New ResearchKit app claims to help treat arthritis

It has been demonstrated for some time that those in Cupertino want to improve our health. Apple discovered how bad everything related to health was during the last years of Steve Jobs' life. This surprised them, that is, they had only considered launching products that would improve our health after facing Jobs' health problems, but a few years after his death they launched several software products, such as Research kitand hardware, like the Apple Watch.

British company GlaxoSmithKline was pleased to become the first pharmaceutical company to use the ResearchKit platform to conduct clinical research. What GSK is studying relates to the most common symptoms experienced by people with rheumatoid arthritis. The study will be carried out using the free GKS PARADE application. app which, at the time of writing, is only available on the US App Store.

GKS PARADE, the first application using ResearchKit arrives on the App Store

GKS PARADE will be tests to observe the mobility of 300 participants over three months, during which the app will record emotional and physical symptoms. To create standard measurements, the app will ask users to perform specific wrist exercises.

With the data collected, GKS intends to design further studies to help develop more effective drugs. With other ResearchKit studies, study participants will be rewarded with « access to a dashboard containing your personal study data that they can share with their healthcare providers to support discussions about treatment plans.”

THE The results of this study will be analyzed in depth. by other health professionals. Many of these professionals want to know if ResearchKit can help save the millions of dollars spent on research today.

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