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New LEGO Star Wars sets take you to the dark side of the force

New LEGO Star Wars sets take you to the dark side of the force

They come from the Group LEGO the first sets dedicated to Star Wars and designed for adults, with a nod to design. Ready to go to the dark side?

LEGO Star Wars: new sets are coming

ORToday, in a nearby galaxy close to home, the LEGO Group unveils new sets to add to the much-loved series Star Wars. Fans of the saga will thus be able to show their loyalty to the Empire and the skills of builders with the new LEGO themed collection Star Wars. The space show helmets of Boba Fett, the Stormtrooper and the TIE Fighter Pilot arrive.

Designed to challenge Jedi masterbuilders, the new models offer a spectacular building experience for adults, perfectly recreating the iconic shapes and original details of their favorite intergalactic helmets with LEGO System bricks. Once the mission is complete, the models come with bespoke stands and a nameplate with the character’s name for display at home, in the office or in any galaxy!

It’s time for the bad guys

Inspired by the legendary “bad” characters from the films in the series Star Warsthe new build-to-display models, which can be pre-ordered preview from the March 18 online on LEGO.com compared to the April 19 launch at the retail price of € 64.99 I’m:

Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, Design Director, stated: “The galaxy of Star Wars continues to offer us endless opportunities to recreate scenes and characters from the Saga using LEGO bricks. The new LEGO helmets Star Wars are a building challenge: we used only existing LEGO pieces to reproduce the iconic shapes and colors of the famous headgear showing the infinite possibilities of the LEGO System game. “

“From the very beginning, helmets have always been a fundamental element in the iconography of Star Warshelping to define some of the galaxy’s most important characters, ”he said Derek Stothard, Lucasfilm’s vice president of licensing. “The choice to reproduce them in LEGO bricks seemed fundamental. It is always fun to work with the LEGO Group to create new, engaging and challenging products for builders around the world. We are thrilled to have created these LEGO helmet sets Star Wars for our fans, including the new packaging. “

All new LEGO Group products for adults will feature a sleek, minimalist new design, dedicated packaging, building instructions and exclusive content.

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