New leaked photo of the alleged iPhone 7, this time in gold

It seems that the drops of Leaked and alleged iPhone 7 photos. Certainly, these photographs generally have little or no real validity, especially when we are so far from the launch of the iPhone 7, which is estimated for September, like every year. However, it seems that everyone is rowing in the same direction, everything indicates that the iPhone 7 will have an extremely similar design to the current iPhone 6, and that they would eventually get rid of the plastic lines that serve as a cover in low and high. , to reduce them to a single line at the edge.

However, the quality of these leaks suggests that not everything that glitters is gold (never said better, seeing this golden-colored device), since on this occasion, as almost always, the quality of the photography is negligible, preventing us from appreciating true details. This was something we could understand years ago, but Today, almost any cell phone camera can achieve better results than those that we find by chance in this series of photographs which continue to arrive every week on the network. In this case, we're not convinced by the imperfections at the top and bottom, as well as the fact that the camera isn't completely round.

However, we already know that these types of leaks often foreshadow what the final design will be, as happened with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, the design was more than chewed months ago, these types of leaks, although not definitive, are more and more relevant, Apple no longer knows how to keep its secrets so well. Will you like that Apple launched an iPhone 7 so similar to its previous model? Certainly not for me, it ends up convincing me that Apple innovates so little in terms of design, even if it has a history, like the case of the iPhone SE.

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