New in iOS 10 beta 4: new emoji promote equality

As after every release, especially when we talk about a new version of iOS and even more when it comes to a new beta of an iOS version which will be released in September, at the moment everyone Apple is investigating the new things to come together for iOS 10 beta 4. As I had already advanced, something that was assumed due to the weight of the update, the news arrived in the form of an image, more precisely over 100 new emoji.

What is most striking or the first thing we will see when accessing the emojis tab is that there are now many more women, which is particularly visible in the sports tab. Now we also have a cyclist, a basketball player, a surfer, a swimmer and one in a boat. But there are also others female emoji, like the spy or the police. On the other hand, there is also the haircut emoji and the message in the male version.

New emoji coming to the latest iOS 10 beta

These new emoji come shortly after Unicode released the new emoji which are already available to be implemented in any operating system, but that doesn't mean they are all already in the fourth beta version of 'iOS 10. Without going any further, noticing differences in the new emoji (I think they have more shades and textures) I went straight to the food section to see if the paella emoji was there, but no , we still don't have a paella emoji. We will have to continue to wait.

The fourth beta version of iOS 10 is available shortly before 7:00 p.m. in Spain / 10:00 a.m. in Cupertino. It is only available to developers, but most likely the public beta arrives this weekmaybe Wednesday. More news is expected and we will write about it as soon as we find out.

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