New images of the iPhone 7 motherboard show slight changes

Yesterday my colleague Miguel published an article in which he showed a photo of the iPhone 7 motherboard. Today several other images appeared and even a video that compares the iphone 7 motherboard (right) with the iPhone 6s motherboard (left). The video showed us in detail the differences between the two cards even if, at first glance and while waiting for the components to be added, we cannot guarantee that these changes are very significant.

Keep in mind that these motherboards most components are missing. In fact, it seems that practically the only thing that is complete, in the absence of protection, is the SIM card reader. On these cards they must mount elements such as the processor, RAM and storage memory.

iPhone 6s motherboard vs iphone 7 motherboard

Where we appreciate that there will be the differences lie in the camera and sensors. The fact that the holes are not in the same place on the horizontal part suggests that the camera used by this motherboard will be a different size. The fact that in the middle we don't see the small vertical piece, we see a larger vertical piece in this part (see images) suggests that there will be changes in this area as well. According to the leaks, one of the sensors on the front of the iPhone 7 will be offset, and instead of being to the left of the hole above the earpiece, the new sensor will be to the right.

One of the changes that comes with the iPhone 7 will be a bigger camera that some rumors say it will be 21Mpx. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro comes with the True Tone display, a system that analyzes the color of our surroundings to display a corresponding image and make our eyes less tired. It is likely that this screen will also reach the iPhone 7.

A new rumor supports the theory that there will be three iPhone 7 models: Normal, Plus and Pro; 16 GB disappears

For everything else, it is expected that on these plates they mount the A10 processor next to its companion M10, 2 GB of RAM (3 GB in the Plus model) and, probably, there will be a model with 256 GB of storage.

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