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New Huawei operating system: true or false? Here’s what we know about Ark OS

New Huawei operating system: true or false? Here’s what we know about Ark OS

Every day we are bombarded with news concerning Huawei, the possible ban and the future of the Chinese giant, a future that also passes by Huawei Ark OS, the now much talked about proprietary operating system, a system that we could see in the future on the devices of the company led by Ren Zhengfei. But is it all true what we read? To tell the truth, fake news is always lurking. To clarify, I have decided to explain to you which information is confirmed (or likely) and which you should absolutely ignore.

If you want to understand something more about the Huawei vs USA situation, we suggest you watch our live stream in which we try to shed some light.

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It will be called Ark OS: TRUE

The name of the new OS now seems certain. The brand was in fact registered by Huawei at the European patent office, the EUIPO. A step that the Chinese giant has also taken in Germany at the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office).

Alongside this much simpler name to remember, however, you might find another one, “HongMeng“. Do not be fooled: it should only be the code name of the new system, a name that could hardly become official since it would be quite complex for Western users, primarily Europeans to pronounce and remember.

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It will be released next month: FALSE

TechRadar spoke of an imminent launch, even indicating June as the month of the possible landing of Ark OS. However, Huawei immediately curbed the enthusiasm and explained the situation better: Ark OS has been in development since 2012 and was already ready since January, but the release was postponed mainly due to political issues. In short, if we still don’t use Ark OS it is because the company prefers to maintain good relations with Google and other American partners.

When will it come out then? There is talk of the end of 2019 for China and 2020 for the rest of the world.

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It will be compatible with Android apps: TRUE

There is no official statement, but the screenshots released by WinFuture seem to confirm this thesis: Ark OS will be compatible with Android apps.

It is difficult at the moment to understand how, but the most concrete hypothesis could concern the base of HongMeng, that is the open source version of Android, a version that, being in fact apart from everyone, Huawei could use even if the ban was confirmed.

On the other hand, it is not complex to deduce the reason for the choice: an operating system – as Windows Phone teaches us – it needs applications to survive and proliferate. What better way then to guarantee maximum usability to users than to leave free access to the apps they already use?

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Ark OS will be up to 60% faster than Android: FALSE

The news on the speed of the new SO branded Huawei it was released yesterday but in reality it seems to be absolutely false or, at least, there are no official statements about it.

It is then difficult to reach this conclusion without knowing practically anything about Ark OS and without having seen it at work. However, we cannot exclude that the system may actually be more responsive than the competition.

It will not be dedicated only to smartphones: TRUE

Yu Chengdong, CEO of the consumer side of Huawei, he said that the operating system is not only designed to run on smartphones and tablets, as is the case today for Android. Ark OS should indeed be also compatible with PC, TV and wearable.

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We will also likely see it on the foldable Huawei Mate X board announced during this year’s Mobile World Congress.

A strategy that now seems necessary given that a possible ban would also deprive Huawei of Windows.