New Google Photos update with new features and improvements

Currently on the market, the only service that offers us completely free unlimited space in our cloud to store any type of photo or video is Google Photos. Although it has small print that does not affect many users thanks to new trends from mobile device manufacturers, at least when it comes to photography. Google Photos allows us to store any photo with a resolution lower than 16 Mpx without any limits. If we talk about video we can also store any type of video but with resolution less than 4k.

A few months ago, Google updated the Photos app by integrating Spotlight into the search engine, so we can also search for photos stored in the cloud through the iOS search engine. The Mountain View-based company just released a new update that lets you crop photos directly from the cloud, without having to download them to your device and then download them again to store the changes. This can be a good or bad idea, depending on user needs.

But in addition, Google also improved the operation of the application in terms of battery consumption, a fierce consumption when the images started to upload automatically. Data consumption with this app is also a nightmare, nightmare which according to Google has improved considerably especially when we search through the entire library stored in the cloud.

According to the latest usage data provided by Google, the Google Photos service stores around 13.7 petabytes. Of all this information, around 24,000 million correspond to selfies. This application is available for free download and is compatible from version iOS 8.1. The only condition to be able to use this service is to have a Gmail account.

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