New Control Center in iOS 10

The Control Center of iOS 10 has undergone a radical change and its design has completely changed. Plus, it now has expanded music controls and quick access to control HomeKit accessories. However, the changes will not be available to new users and that is why Apple added a screen with a brief explanation in the latest beta. iOS 10 beta 4 was released to developers on Monday. Meanwhile, Apple is refining the public version of the new system due out next fall by adding a number of improvements.

New users of this beta 4 will see the changes in the Control Center much more clearly. In fact, when we try to display the Control Center from the bottom of the screen, the system directly shows us a screen with an information message before using the Control Center for the first time. This startup text that appears is: “The iPhone, Now Ringing, and Home commands are now separated from each other on a different card. Scroll down to see each one.

This explanation can be seen as much as necessary because, at first glance, the new control center may seem the same as before. The most notable change is that the music and media controls have been removed from this first screen and placed on their own panel accessible by sliding the screen sideways.

In addition to having these two new panels, the control center of iOS 10 is also designed to be able to be compatible with Force Touch and differentiate the pressure with which the screen is touched, both on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This way, pressure can be used to control screen brightness and other settings.

Apple launches seventh beta of iOS 10.2

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