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New Alexa Skills: From COVID Tests to Waking Up with Minions

New Alexa Skills: From COVID Tests to Waking Up with Minions

Amazon added some new ones Alexa skills, ranging from the ability to check the availability of COVID tests in the area until personalized alarm clocks of the Minions. Amazon’s voice assistant can then search for useful information or wake us up with funny annoying sounds. There is a skill for everything.

New Alexa Skills Coming Soon

For some time now Amazon has introduced customizable sounds to wake up with Alexa. There are sounds from the world Disney and from that of Harry Potter, from marine animals of SpongeBob up to the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. And from today the Minions. You can set the alarm to make you get up to the sound of “peep peep peep” or “banana” and “boing boing boing”. If you want to set up this funny torture alarm just say “Alexa, wake me up with the sounds of the Minions”.

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To add alarm sounds you can ask Alexa directly, or add them directly by searching for them in theapp for android. On iOS, on the other hand, you can only read the list of his guests and then ask Alexa to add them. Some of the tones are free, while others may cost you a few euros.

A new skill for finding COVID tests

A really useful new Alexa skill is the ability to ask the voice assistant to find you one center where to carry out a test for COVID. Just ask Alexa where you can test to find the closest center. There is also the option to ask the voice assistant to call the center so that you can book the test. This function is for now active in the United States, where it leverages the IQVIA database. However, it should soon be available in our country as well.

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These new functions, ranging from nice to really useful, further enrich the panorama of services offered by Alexa skills. Already with last month’s update they have the ability to intelligently manage your entire home. Find Alexa Skills on this page.