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Netgear internet connection accessories are discounted on Amazon

Netgear internet connection accessories are discounted on Amazon

L’Netgear offer on Amazon includes a selection of routers, repeaters and accessories to enhance the connection to the home network in a simple and effective way. But what are the different models for? What changes? Which do I choose? We help you to identify the most useful and interesting products.

The Netgear offer on Amazon: discounted models

Netgear is a company that specializes in making products that enable users to connect to the network quickly and easily, offering a range of advanced features to meet the needs of businesses. The products are designed to make the most of the internet connection, enhancing it and making it faster and more accessible.

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AC2200 repeater

This Netgear repeater increases the Wi-Fi coverage up to 150sqm and connect up to 30 devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and much more. For ease of use, the device uses the same network name as your modem router ensuring stable connections.

The Wi-Fi network travels at a speed up to 2200 Mbps and the FastLane technology guarantees excellent enjoyment of HD video streaming and online gaming.

This Netgear device is on Amazon on offer at € 79.90instead of € 94.99

Orbi RBK50

This kit contains 2 devicesi Netgear, able to extend coverage Wi-Fi up to 375m2 and 25 devices. The system creates a network with a single name to cover the whole house at high speed and without interruptions. The devices work with all operators and connections. With a speed up at 3 Gbpsthe two repeaters allow you to enjoy HD video streaming without interruptions, unbuffered online gaming and internet downloads. Furthermore, the circle technology allows you to check internet access and the time spent online of each device, view the history and filter websites, so as to make the nsafe navigation even for the little ones.

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The starting price is € 486.90, but with the offer on Amazon you can buy them at € 194.

Netgear offer on Amazon: Orbi Pro SRK60

This set, consisting of router and satellite, guarantees complete Wi-Fi coverage up to 350 m2 and 25 devices. It can replace your existing Wi-Fi router and extender, is compatible with all connections, including via FTTC, VDSL, satellite, fiber optic, DSL and more. With a total of 7 gigabit ethernet ports and speeds Wi-Fi up to 3 Gbps to use the network without limits.

You can buy this Netgear 2-piece kit at € 237.00instead of € 544.90

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If you want to find out more about Netgear technology, you can click here and read an article in which we talk about it in depth.