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Netflix opens a store dedicated to Emily’s dresses in Paris

Netflix opens a store dedicated to Emily’s dresses in Paris

Emily in Paris is perhaps the most anticipated Netflix series of the next few weeks. With over 60 million views in the first month of its launch, the show really has nothing to envy to the timeless “*** & The City”. No wonder, then, that there are huge expectations for the launch of the second season, scheduled for the next one December 22. And to meet the public’s favor, Netflix will inaugurate an online shop entirely dedicated to the series, created in collaboration with Viacom CBS. Inside, of course, it will be possible to buy many of the garments inspired by Emily Cooper’s à la Parisienne look.

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Emily in Paris: Netflix inaugurates an online store dedicated to the looks of the series

Waiting for the release of the second season of Emily in Paris, Netflix will inaugurate an online store entirely dedicated to the looks sported by Lily Collins in the series. Inside it will be possible to buy a selection of brands curated by costume designers Patricia Field and Marilyn Fitoussi. Among them you will find Az Factory, the Alber Elbaz brand that dressed Emily in elegant satin pajamas and quilted bags. And then also all the brands of accessories worn by the female characters of the series: Roberto Coin, Ileana Makri And Zeus + Dione. But that is not all.

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Inside the shop, great attention is paid to clothes and accessories by Maison Michel, Goossens Paris, Causse Gantier And Barrieall trademarks owned by Chanel. And indeed, the great French Maison cannot be missing, which dressed Emily Cooper with a splendid checkered jacket in perfect French style. And to this wide selection is also added the proposal of My Beachy Side, the resortwear brand present in the episodes of the series shot in Saint-Tropez. Finally, a detail that cannot be missed in an online shop dedicated to Emily in Paris: boxes of macarons inspired by the colors of the series, prepared by the famous pastry chef Pierre Hermé.

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As anticipated, all the garments of the brands involved in the series will be available for purchase in the Netflix.com shop. But not only. The most avid fashionistas will be able to purchase the garments on Saks.com and in the company’s physical stores. In short, if you want to dress like Emily Cooper and give yourself an all-French air, you can do it soon. Indeed, considering that Netflix will expand the collection of clothes and accessories starting from January, you will have the opportunity to make your wardrobe identical to that of Lily Collins in a few weeks.

Netflix and fashion, a combination that works

Emily in Paris is definitely a perfect show to launch Netflix into the world of luxury fashion. But it is certainly not the first. Recently, the platform launched a capsule collection entirely inspired by the Halston series, dedicated to the well-known American designer. And on the occasion of the launch of the western film “The Harder They Fall”, Netflix has unveiled its first collaboration with a major luxury brand such as Balmain. As far as we know, the collection will be available within the Netflix e-boutique, as well as on Farfetch and in select monogram stores.

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At the same time, Bridgerton’s success convinced the platform to dedicate a section to the series within its online shop. And that of Squid Game has meant that even Louis Vuitton has chosen I have Yeon Jung as a global house ambassador. In short, the online shop dedicated to Emily in Paris is the umpteenth action of Netflix in the world of fashion, albeit luxury. And it is no wonder that this is the case. In recent months the contamination between entertainment and fashion it makes itself felt more and more. And we can only be happy about this.