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Netflix: here is the first trailer of the Zerocalcare series

Netflix: here is the first trailer of the Zerocalcare series

Netflix has just presented the teaser trailer of a new one animated series based on the Zerocalcare comics. The series, written by the author in person, it will be called Tear off along the edges and will land on the famous streaming platform on November 17th. The series is produced by Movimenti Production in collaboration with Bao Publishing, and will consist of 6 episodes of approximately 15 minutes each.

Tear along the edges: here is the Netflix series of Zerocalcare

As you may have already guessed, this new TV series by Zerocalcare will drop us directly into the author’s narrative universe, with all his iconic characters such as Dry, Sarah, the Boar Friend and the Armadillo, whose voice will be provided by Valerio Mastandea. For all the other protagonists, the voice actor will be Zerocalcare himself. Here is the synopsis of the plot:

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«In a story full of flashbacks and anecdotes ranging from his childhood to the present day, Zerocalcare goes on a train journey with Sarah and Secco, towards something very difficult to do. It is with this stratagem that each chapter of history seems to construct a piece of a world made up of very few certainties and unshakable friendships. And when in the end all the pieces are in their place, the mosaic they will have built will be a surprise for the spectator, but also for the protagonist. “

The next October 18 the series will premiere at the Rome Film Fest, where the first two episodes will be screened. In addition to the teaser trailer, Netflix has released a collection of official images, which you can find on the company’s social networks.

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After his adventure in the cinema, with the feature film of Prophecy of the Armadillowe are curious to find out what Zerocalcare, alias Michele Rech, has in store for us this time, especially by virtue of the new animated format, probably more suitable for encapsulating the author’s creativity in the round.