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Netatmo Weather Station, a complement for your home

Netatmo Weather Station, a complement for your home

Those of you who follow iPhone News will already know that as good fans of technology, we like to have our home connected with devices called the Internet of Things. And between thermostats, sockets, lights, cameras and sensors of all kinds still for something else: a Weather Station.

Quality seal

Today, for a product to be successful it has to enter through the eyes, something that Netatmo has been aware of when manufacturing this station. The two modules (indoor and outdoor) come in aluminum in the purest Apple style, all combined with white details, so it does not clash at all on a desk next to an iMac, for example. The build quality is exquisite and at all times it is very clear to us that we are dealing with a premium product.

In the box we will find a internal module (We can buy additional modules for different rooms) and an external module that we must place protected from the sun and rain to obtain more reliable measurements. The installation takes two or three minutes, and is perfectly guided by the recently renewed Netatmo app as it takes the WiFi connection data from our iPhone for greater comfort.

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The app is the important thing

There are many weather stations on the market, but connected to the level of Netatmo’s there is only one. Synchronized to the minute with the company’s own servers, we have in all our devices and on the web the data to consult them, but in case we still wanted more, we must mention that we will receive notifications on the iPhone when there is a noteworthy event such as poor air quality or too high atmospheric pressure.

While it is true that version 1 of the application looked out of date, it is fair to say that with version 2 we have received a design that matches the product. Clear elements, well exposed data and all the options at hand on the screen of our iPhone. And before I forget, mention that works together with the thermostator from Netatmo to provide you with real, non-internet outdoor temperature data, which improves efficiency.

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For those who want to collect all the data on the weather in their area, in addition to the main pack consisting of the two stations (indoor + outdoor), Netatmo also offers a rain gauge that connects just as easy to the central base and saves all rainfall data in the cloud. It is clear that it is a whim and not a necessity, but personally I think it is worth every euro it costs for the reasons explained in this article, and for lovers of IoT or meteorology a pleasure to use it.

Our valuation

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