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Neato launches new Premium Pet Edition models compatible with Alexa

Neato launches new Premium Pet Edition models compatible with Alexa

Neato Robotics, a leader in smart home robots, today announces the compatibility of its robot vacuum cleaners connected with Amazon Alexa in Italian and presents Premium Pet Edition. Three special editions of the Neato Botvac models, equipped with extra accessories: from brushes to collect pet hair to a tool for cleaning the device, from side brushes to ultra-performing filters designed for those who have to fight every day against the dirt caused by their four-legged friends.

New Neato Pet Edition

The models Neato Pet Edition offer pet owners all the ideal tools to keep the dirt and hair of their cats and dogs at bay every day, so they can spend more time enjoying their company. The Neato brush system, even wider and more versatile, includes brushes specifically designed to collect as much hair as possible and on every type of floor.

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The scheduled cleaning functionality via the Neato app allows you to schedule a daily vacuum for greater house cleaning. The “No-Go Lines”Ensure that the robot can clean avoiding favorite toys or your dog’s bed. But also the Zone Cleaning which allow you to focus on areas where the animal eats or sleeps for more frequent cleaning… on those particularly soft carpets.

“At Neato we are convinced that every person, in every home, lives their life in a unique and distinctive way and that they have different needs when it comes to cleaning” he declares Matt Petersen, CEO of Neato. “Our Premium Pet Edition models have been designed to address the special needs of those with pets. From our signature D-shape, which has been at the heart of Neato’s design since the inception of the brand, which allows you to clean along the edges and deep in the corners where most pet hair lurks, to our powerful combo brush suction cup and spiral. We can really help these types of users to solve their hair problem forever and deal with them every day without too much stress. “

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Amazon Alexa

An increasingly personalized cleaning, therefore, also thanks to the implementation of Amazon Alexa voice commands in Italian that allow you to manage tailor-made cleaning sessions. Users will be able to skip the startup steps on the application by speaking directly to Amazon’s voice assistant and asking them to start / stop the Neato, check the battery level and even find out where their robot is.

How to activate voice commands via Alexa?

In order to use Alexa’s Neato skills, you first need to make sure you have the Alexa application and a Neato account with your device associated with it. After this step, just go to the “Smart Home” section of the Alexa app, search for and select the “Neato” item, then “Enable Skill” and log in to your Neato account. In this way your account will be linked to Alexa and it will be sufficient to say “Alexa, ask Neato to start cleaning” or “Alexa, ask Neato to check the battery level” to receive all the answers and see your robot working. in home.

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Neato Botvac D650 Connected Premium Pet Edition

Take the robot vacuum experience to the next level. Made just for those with pets, the Botvac D650 Connected has a central brush that is 70% larger than most round robots.

This robot is perfect for those with a medium-sized home and comes with an additional side brush, a hair brush, two filters and a device cleaning tool.

Neato Botvac D750 Connected Premium Pet Edition

Perfect for the whole family, large or small, with dogs or cats. The availability of Zone Cleaning it gives greater added value as it allows pet owners to schedule cleaning more frequently in specific areas, where their pet’s hair lurks more for example.

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The Botvac D750 Connected cleans large spaces powerfully and efficiently and comes with an additional side brush, a hair brush, two filters and a device cleaning tool.

Multiple Floor Plan

Both models Neato Botvac D650 Connected And Neato Botvac D750 Connected have the function Multiple Floor Plan which allows you to save more than one cleaning map in the same house, in order to create different floor plans via the Neato app, one for each floor of the house. So you can vacuum all the hair, wherever your furry friend has been. Both devices are also equipped with the side brush for a closer cleaning along the walls, where they tend to collect hair and fluff.

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All models Neato Pet Edition integrate the “No-Go Lines”That allow you to tell your robot where not to go, giving the user full control of cleaning, and the Turbo mode which increases suction power and rotates the brush faster, lifting more dirt and hair. Also, particularly important, all three models have the high-performance filter that manages to trap not only dust and hair but also any allergens that are easier to find in a home with animals.

Neato robotic vacuums clean all types of floors, including the lowest rugs, hardwood floors and tiles. They lift dirt, crumbs, fur and allergens with ease. They are reminiscent of the floor plan they clean and with the “No-Go Lines” and the versatile brush system, they offer a thorough vacuum without disturbing your puppy or interfering with their favorite games.

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Availability and prices

All models will be available exclusively on the Neato Amazon page.