Nearly 30% of Internet users use Firefox

MozillaComment made figures and comparisons between the data they collected and the data revealed by different statistics companies (StatCounter, Quantcast, Net Applications and Gemius). The results were really good and it was determined that almost a third of Internet users around the world use their browser.

Firefox has 40% of the European market (152.7 million) and, according to StatCounter, in Antarctica (inhabited only by scientists and military personnel) it reaches 80%. Russia is where it has grown the most, seeing 20% ​​more downloads in the first part of the year. On the other hand, in Indonesia 60% of people use it and in the United States 26% (100 million).

There is a lot of information regarding the browser market, but what is interesting is that this is the first time that the company presents an official one made by them (you can download it in PDF).

I leave the data that emerges in their official blog:

  • Firefox has around 30% of the global market.
  • Users from South America and Antarctica like to customize their browsers.
  • In a usability study, they found someone who had over 600 tabs open at the same time (my computer crashed 150,000 times).
There are days when Spotify has more internet traffic than all of Sweden

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