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NBA2K15, be king again

NBA2K15, be king again

A few days ago there was the presentation of the new NBA2K15, from the 2K Sports company, in Madrid with the presence of two of the brand-new World Champions with the USA, James Harden and Anthony Davis. Both were accompanied by the famous journalists of the basket: Sixto Miguel Serrano, Antoni Daimiel and Jorge Quiroga.

NBA2K15 to surpass its previous version

Both aforementioned athletes were in charge of ‘releasing’ the NBA2K15 which will go on sale next 10 October in Spain for all platforms. In the presentation Sixto Miguel Serrano affirmed that the version of the game has improved compared to its version of 2013 or 2014. Antoni Daimiel showed satisfaction to see more teams from the European continent in the game.

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New equipment like Bayern Munich or Partizan Belgrade, which are integrated into those already available in previous editions of the game. Regarding Spanish teams, we can play with him Barcelona, ​​Unicaja, Real Madrid and Laboral Kutxa. A repertoire that is not bad at all to spend the basketball season with the controls and the players in control.

Returning to the presentation, a couple of trailers were screened in which the “What if…? What if … you could make the decisions? And if you were to lose 3-0 in the finals… could you create a team to achieve the biggest comeback in history? What if you could form any quintet for any match? What if it were in your hands to create the best team of all time …? How would you write the history of the NBA? Several questions posed by the game and which we can answer once we are in full control on the controller or on our screens.

Videos of pure NBA and European realism

We leave you without further delay with the two videos passed in the presentation held before the 2014 MundoBasket final in Spain:

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