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NASA and the Space Force agree on future missions

NASA and the Space Force agree on future missions

NASA and the Space Force of the USA have announced a collaboration that will cover manned missions. The partnership was signed through a memorandum of understanding( MOU).

NASA and the Space Force together for human flights

Although both American and both related to space, the two entities are actually different from each other and also have different purposes. NASA, which has been around for decades, is focused onexploration, there science and the technology. Space Force, born only at the end of 2019, is instead part of the military.

The agreement brings the two entities closer together with regard to “human flight, US space policies, space transport, standards and practices to be followed for safe space operations, scientific research and planetary defense“.

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As told by the NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine “We share the same domain and operate in the same environment. So there is a lot of synergy, a lot of overlapping areas ”.

The statements

Bridenstine went on to say that “we are an instrument of national power. It is soft power, diplomatic power, power due to the information we have, economic power. This is indeed the job of diplomacy in the service of the nation, but we cannot do any of these things if the space is not safe. And that’s why it was important to create Space Maybe, that’s why it’s important for NASA to agree with this “

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Today @SpaceForceCSO and I announced we signed a broad agreement between @NASA & SpaceForceDoD to collaborate in areas such as human spaceflight, US space policy, space transportation and more: https://t.co/fkNtZ7hySr

– Jim Bridenstine (@JimBridenstine) September 22, 2020

The general John “Jay” Raymond, head of SF operations, said the following: “NASA and the militaries share a long history together that goes back to the late 1950s. There is power in our partnership. A safe, stable and accessible space is the foundation of our nation’s security, prosperity and scientific achievements. The Space Force is ready for future collaboration, while NASA continues to expand into the universe for the benefit of all “

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The future

The terms of the collaboration that we have seen are still very broad and generic, but it is likely that we will soon know more, with concrete cases of joint missions.