NASA and Apple Music team up to celebrate Juno's arrival at Jupiter

After completing a year of life, Apple's streaming music service continues to collaborate on different projects of solidarity or cultural interest. The last project the company wanted to collaborate on was in the video “Visions of Harmony” for celebrate the arrival of the Juno space probe in Jupiter's orbit, scheduled for July 4. The launch of this probe was carried out in 2011 and the main objective is to collect data to try to help us obtain more information about the first planet of the solar system and its relationship with planet earth.

Apple has created a new section in Apple Music, accessible through iTunes, in which it will publish all the information related to this project, but in which we can already see some videos of images of space with music created especially for this project. The artists who collaborated on this fantastic idea that will tell us more about Jupiter are: Trent Reznor, Corinne Bailey Rae, Quin, Weezer, Brad Paisley, GZA the Genius, Jim James and Zoe.

In the description of this new section we can read:

Curiosity is the spark that ignites the most extraordinary artistic creations and the most visionary science. In 2011, NASA launched the June space probe, which will reach its destination on July 4: the orbit of Jupiter. Once there, June will collect images and data to help us learn more about the first planet in the solar system and its relationship to the origin of Earth. Apple has partnered with NASA to provide education and inspiration throughout this historic journey. He listens to musical tributes to the mission by some of today's most imaginative artists. He enjoys a fascinating video that examines the connection between space exploration and artistic experimentation. And he returns to follow June's adventures.

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