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Naraka Bladepoint is ready to arrive on PlayStation 5

Naraka Bladepoint is ready to arrive on PlayStation 5

24 Entertainment has announced that Naraka Bladepoint is about to land on consolesvia a small teaser of the game tutorial on PlayStation 5. The software has already confirmed that it is working on different versions of the game for different consoles, although a complete list of platforms Naraka Bladepoint is about to arrive has not yet been shared.

Naraka Bladepoint arrives on PlayStation 5 and other consoles

There are just a few days left until the release on PC, scheduled for August 12 on Steam and Epic Games Store, but the developers of 24 Entertainment are already looking to the future and the release of the game on consoles. As we see from the trailer below, the arrival of the game on PlayStation 5 is already confirmed, but it is not yet clear on which other consoles it will land.

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Naraka Bladepoint’s arrival on PS5 is rather bizarre, as it places the title in direct competition with Hunter’s Arena Legendsa title with very similar tones and which will be distributed completely free of charge during the month of August for all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

For those who don’t know Naraka Bladepoint is a new battle royale developed by 24 Entertainment, a Chinese studio, where you can give vent to your desire for duels to the death. This game supports sessions from 60 players and promises sword fighting complete with supernatural abilities and heart-pounding action. All while also giving space to the spectacular, thanks to the grappling hook that allows players to make truly spectacular kills.

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The game offers the player a vast arsenal of weapons, both melee and ranged, all with particular attention to the speed and fluidity of the gameplay. The game has already enjoyed great success when it was made available to players in beta, also thanks to a well-thought-out combat system that encourages players to constantly improve.