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MSI announces GE75 Raider, the gaming laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

MSI announces GE75 Raider, the gaming laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

“When the going gets tough, the tough get to play”. This is what MSI technicians thought when designing the new one GE75 Raider. The new MSI gaming laptop is in fact driven by one of the fastest graphics cards on the market; all with an ultra-thin design capable of offering a video-playful experience beyond all expectations.

The eye also wants its part

As if the hardware were not enough, great news also from the design point of view. The broad display from 17”With slim bezel offers advanced technology and minimal footprint. This new monitor is able to guarantee a absolutely fluid gameplay outside the hardware capability inside the case.

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MSI GE75 Raider is characterized by an original body with embossed details and anodized red finishes, which ensure a truly aggressive look. The back also boasts an asymmetrical, very futuristic pattern, which gives further character to the overall aesthetic of the product.

Over-the-top performance

To accompany the design we find one of the latest from NVIDIA: the GeForce GTX 1070. With its 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and a pretty good frequency (1,607 MHz) it represents one of the best solutions that can be adopted in the laptop sector, falling within the most restrictive canons of overall compactness and weight.

This performance could only be accompanied by high-level cooling technology. The system Cooler Boost 5 that equips the latest addition to MSI is in fact able to ensure always optimal temperature conditions even in the most difficult and stressful gaming situations.

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Particular attention is also paid to the software equipment, among which it stands out MSI APP Player, which allows you to play games for mobile platforms at their best even on PC. The keyboard, in fact, is able to manage the lighting of the individual keys according to the individual games, making the difference compared to other simulators. GE75 Raider will be available in Italy from the month of November 2018.