MSC Cruises: many new features for ever smarter cruising


  • What's new in MSC for me
  • Zoe, the artificial intelligence of cruises

MSC Cruises will baptize on November 9 in the port of Hamburg MSC Grandiosathe sixth “smart” cruise ship with new features on MSC for me.

MSC for Me is a multi-channel digital program that allows passengers to interact with the ship and crew members anytime, anywhere. After introducing it on board MSC Meraviglia in 2017, MSC Cruises has extended this digital innovation program to four other ships in the fleet. This year, ZOE, the world's first virtual personal cruise assistant, was introduced for the first time. This is a revolutionary voice-activated artificial intelligence technology that will also launch on MSC Grandiosa later this year.

Among the innovations introduced this year, let us also mention the pre-cruise phase. Customers will be able to better plan what they want to experience before they even start their trip.

What's new in MSC for me

  • Customers can browse and select prepaid plansi to make their vacation even more enjoyable. Specialty beverage and dining packages or shore excursions are all available to discover and purchase in advance.
  • G.guests can start planning their time on board select, book and add experiences to their personal pre-cruise program.
  • Pre-register a credit card via the app before the cruise can save users time and effort, giving them more time to enjoy their vacation once on board.
  • The paid service Friends and family locator allows friends and family to never get lost. In fact, customers can purchase a special bracelet with Bluetooth technology and see the whereabouts of their travel companions at any time on the MSC for Me app.
  • With MSC chat for me customers can now send messages to each other directly through the MSC for Me app, without the internet plan.
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Zoe, the artificial intelligence of cruises

As already written, an absolute novelty this year is the introduction of theartificial intelligence ZOE on board certain ships in the MSC fleet. Zoe was developed in partnership with HARMAN And Samsung Electronics and will be present in each cabin of MSC Bellissima. ZOE speaks seven languages, can answer hundreds of questions related to the cruise experience. It can also provide information about onboard facilities, directions, suggestions and assistance with reservation services.

Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises, said: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at MSC Cruises, technology doesn’t stop. Since the launch of our state-of-the-art digital innovation program MSC for Me in 2017, we continue to research and implement the latest technologies specifically designed to improve our customers' experience, ensuring that they can take full advantage of the rich range. of services. , activities and facilities that we offer on board our ships”.

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