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Mozilla Firefox arrives in the Windows Store

Mozilla Firefox arrives in the Windows Store

Mozilla brought his browser Firefox on Windows Store. It is the third browser, after Edge and Opera, to become available directly in Microsoft’s software store, which has recently changed its policies to also accept third-party browsers.

Mozilla Firefox arrives in the Windows Store

Based on Gecko and not on Chromium, like Edge and Opera, Firefox has a lot of fans in the world of computing. The historic open source browser already had a good presence on Windows, but it had to be downloaded directly from the website. From today, however, users can download it directly from the Windows Store, which should ensure a degree of greater safety.

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Mozilla herself explained that “now that Microsoft has changed its Store policies, choosing Firefox as your desktop browser is even easier. And it comes with all the features of Firefox ”.

Mozilla had also recently introduced a new one procedure for making Firefox the system browser, using just one click like Edge. Mozilla engineers had found a way to do this, unlike all other browsers that had to go through the Windows settings. But this process it does not work with the version from the Windows Storeperhaps because Microsoft has requested to remove this system to access the Store (although there are no official statements about it).

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In any case, installing Firefox will now be very simple. Many browsers are still missing from the appeal on the Windows Store, first of all Chrome by Google. But it sure looks like Microsoft is expanding its Store and giving users a choice. We will update you if the range of choices increases.

Find Firefox on the Windows Store for both Windows 10 and 11.