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Motorola launches the first Alexa compatible cordless phone

Motorola launches the first Alexa compatible cordless phone

In the interesting program of Motorola for theIFA 2018 we find the first Wireless Home Telephone of the company with support for Alexa. The device will be the first in its class to integrate Amazon’s popular voice assistant, paving the way for dozens of new features and allowing a wider audience to take advantage of the voice command features offered by Alexa.

Looking forward to seeing with our own eyes the new Motorola product in that of Berlin, let’s find out how the virtual assistant works and how it will operate.

Motorola: Alexa invades our homes

In the plans of Motorola there is the intention to direct his project to the billions of users who every day use their home phone to get in touch with their loved ones and to benefit those same users with the unprecedented sector of functionality that it can guarantee Alexa.

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Thus, from a simple command such as “Alexa, call Erika” we can instantly initiate a phone call without having to use the physical keypad of the cordless phone. What we can do with the Wireless Home Telephone Motorola – and that we will not be able to do with a common cordless – is to control other Alexa-compatible devices or control every device in the house via device support smart home, such as turning on the lights or closing the curtains.

In this way the phone can be used for any type of home use: to add items to the shopping list, book a taxi, check the vacuum cleaner or adjust the room temperature. As long as there is an Alexa skill that will allow you to perform these operations, then the Wireless Home Telephone Motorola will be the only device you will need.

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The device will be available towards the end of 2018. Who will participate in theIFA of Berlin you can take a closer look at it by going to SGW Global in Showstoppers, at Stand 239 in Hall 26.