More screen for the next Apple Watch Series 8

The next Apple Watch series 8 could release a new design and a new screen that would reach up to 1.99 inches with a size of 50mm.

The Apple Watch is one of the Apple devices that tends to generate more rumors but at the same time tends to cause more false expectations. Apple ensures that its smartwatch is protected from leaks, not as with the iPhone or iPad, devices for which we know practically all their specifications before Apple presents them to us. Last year we all expected an Apple Watch with a flat design, and yet the Series 7 kept the curved design as always.

This year there has been a lot of talk about a possible third model of Apple Watch with a size larger than the current one and that would have a sportier, more resistant design and intended for more intense sports practice. Along these same lines, today we have a new rumor that ensures that we will have an Apple Watch with a larger screen size, which would reach 1.99 inches and a total size of 50mm. For us to do Just an idea, right now we have two models with screen sizes of 1,691 inches (41mm) and 1,901mm (45mm).

It could be a screen for this sports model, or it could be that the supposed flat design that was talked about so much last year arrives with this new Series 8, and the new design brings with it an increase in screen by dispensing with the curved screen in the edges. Or it could be that the sporty Apple Watch is the one with that new flat design and the only one with this larger screen., remaining the other two models always with the screen sizes that we have right now. Or it could be that everything is unfounded rumor mill again and in September we have the same Apple Watch as always.

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