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Monopoly Animal Crossing: the homage to the most famous board game in the world

Monopoly Animal Crossing: the homage to the most famous board game in the world

The brand new Monopoly Animal Crossing is born, with which the iconic board game pays homage to the Nintendo life simulator. The special edition will contain tokens, boxes and tags customized with the characters of the videogame platform.

From Monopoly to Monopoly Animal Crossing: 86 years of history

It may seem absurd to us, but Monopoly (which in Italian was originally published as Monopoli) was born in 1935. In over 86 years more than 1 billion people have enjoyed playing it, so much so that it has become the most loved board game by families all over the world. The board game is now a global pop icon, so much so that it has been nominated in cinema, music and in the world of fashion. After all, who has never heard the expression “Go to jail without going through the street”? Monopoly boxes sold exceed 350 million in at least 500 versions different. The latest of these is a special edition, dedicated to another game, a video game this time. Let’s talk about the well-known Nintendo life simulator: Animal Crossing. Thus was born Monopoly Animal Crossingdedicated to over 30 million fans of the Nintendo title.

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The release for Italy is scheduled for September, even if there are many fans eager to play it as soon as possible. That’s why the preorder is already available on Amazon, for what is one of the most anticipated board games of the year. In the special edition we will find many of the features we loved in the virtual universe. Specifically, we will not purchase properties or pay rents. On the contrary the players will discover islands they will collect insects, fish, fossils And fruit. The typical ones resources drawn from the video game can then be sold for Little stars, the currency of Animal Crossing. These replace the classic Monopoly banknotes. Thanks to them it will be possible to go shopping in the Nook’s workshopby purchasing the decorations favorite to earn very precious Miles of Nook: in fact, the player who will have the most at the end of the game wins.

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A new game board, new pieces and cards

Not only will the board be fully themed, but the cards will be too Unexpected And Miles of Nook. You expected Chance real? Well no wonder, because the whole Monopoly experience is fully adapted to the Animal Crossing world. Then there are the cards Skills, only one for each player, which will allow you to collect or sell extra resources to get more Stars. What if the Free Parking and In Jail boxes! remain unchanged, the novelty will be the one dedicated to Dodo Airlines. This is the Animal Crossing Airline: once here you can fly to any island on the board. Finally, in addition to the dice customizedEven the pawns they will be nice replicas of the inhabitants of the island of Animal Crossing.

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The new Monopoly Animal Crossing it will allow us to immerse ourselves in the videogame in everything. But the fun and the players will be real, and will be made up of our friends or family. A modern game with a traditional feel that alone Monopoly knows how to give back.