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Mkers opens the first Gaming House in Rome


Mkers opens the first Gaming House in Rome

The games return to Rome: Mkers announces the birth of the first Gaming House. A point of reference for professional gamers and content creators, placed in context of the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus.

The games return to Rome: the Mkers Gaming House opens

Mkers is the most important Italian reality linked to eSport: for years it has taken the game to another level in our country. With the new Gaming House in Rome he also wants to create a physical reference point for professional gamers. A place to train, study the best strategies but also to relax and invigorate the team spirit. But at the same time it acts as a real Media Center, where i creators can develop unique and original content.

The technology at the heart of the Roman Gaming House is branded SMI Technologies & Consultingwhich allows guests to play on the latest generation platforms and always the latest.

The gamers at the center

The interior design of the house is studied in every detail, designed to emphasize the uniqueness of the different areas. In fact, you can find different areas for the team: bootcamp, analysis & coachinig, streaming, sim racing and consoles. And then a huge loft dedicated to relaxation, a living room and a kitchen equipped with a winter garden. In short, a unique and level experience that puts players and creators at the center.

Thomas De Gasperi, President of Mkers, comments: “The advent of the Gaming House represents a milestone of extraordinary importance. We have conceived an avant-garde structure in the historic center of Rome. We are absolutely certain that, with its opening by the spring, we will be able to take an important evolutionary step that will allow us to be more competitive than ever “.

Find more information about Mkers at this address.