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Minecraft’s cubic monsters will help inform about the coronavirus

Minecraft’s cubic monsters will help inform about the coronavirus

The manufacturer of Minecraftthe famous game that allows you to build worlds from blocks of pixels, has launched a public health campaign. Mojang has in fact announced that on the Minecraft social channels we will see the Creeperthe Slimeand other little monsters that players have come to love and hate, who will give messages for the coronavirus prevention.

Minecraft social channels will give anti coronavirus advice

Instead of changing the dynamics of the game, Mojang decided, along with the United Nations educational programs it’s at Heart17to use thehuge following of Minecraft social channels to raise awareness among players.

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The company gave its followers a warning before starting the campaign. Just to keep someone from being thrilled to see a Creeper tweet about washing their hands and staying indoors as much as possible.

But don’t worry: Creepers remain Creepers

The company has kept to ensure that, although in the coming weeks we will see the monsters of Minecraft give advice to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, their plans within the game have not changed.

If you suddenly see a Creeper asking you to wash your hands, don’t worry – their goals haven’t changed. In the game, they still only want hug you and then explode. But in our social channels, and for the moment, they also want to help put an end to this pandemic“.

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If we consider that, only on Twitter, the Minecraft account has almost 3 million followers, it is easy to see how these tips, which are no different from the many already heard, could have an impact. And then with the new update, which brings the ray-tracing in the cubed world, creating really beautiful light effects to look at, minecraft followers can only increase. Just as we hope the people who respect i will also increase advice from the Creepers: “Wash your handsssssssss”.