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Minecraft: Story Mode is here

Minecraft: Story Mode is here

Minecraft is dayless a title that has finally become one of the hallmarks of the video game industry today. Promising an open world, endless possibilities to do and above all the freedom of the player when it comes to configuring their own experience, Minecraft came to stay and little by little, what seemed to be a game where block by block we were building our universe derived in a real revolution. The delivery reached our next generation computers, mobiles and consoles with the exception of 3DS and Wii U, which will receive UCraft next year, a delivery that preserves the essence of Minecraft but promises a different experience.

«Set in the world of Minecraft, the series will have an original story guided by the player’s decisions. It will not be an addition to Minecraft but a separate product that will be released during the course of this 2015 on consoles, PC and mobile devices. He explained from Mojanj.

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The new game will be “a totally original Minecraft experience”, inspired by the Minecraft community. The idea is neither to create an official story nor to “explain the world of Minecraft in detail.” And obviously, it will be released in episodes like all Telltale games.

It seems that the confidence of the developer Mojanj is still low towards Nintendo consoles, despite the fact that the company’s laptop continues to reap great sales as Wii U begins little by little to recover part of the lost market. However, we will still have in the future the project carried out by Nexis Games, UCraft, which will offer us a great experience during 2015.

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