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Minecraft: Story Mode free for a limited time


Minecraft: Story Mode free for a limited time

Once again we return to the load to show you a new game that for a limited time is available for download completely free of charge. This time we are talking about Minecraft: Store Mode, a game that has a regular price of 4.99 euros, and that has been developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with the creators of Minecraft. Minecraft: Story Mode hit the App Store a little over a year ago and was made up of five episodes that we had to buy separately. But currently the developer has expanded that number to eight. Each of the additional episodes is available for download through in-app purchases for 4.99 euros, although we can find packs of several episodes to save us a few euros.

The limited-time download of Minecraft: Story Mode offers us the first episode of this game for free, so it is a good way to test if this game is really as addictive and good as they claim. In Micrecraft: Story Edition we can play as a man or as the heroine Jesse and we will have to embark on a dangerous adventure to the other side of the Overworld, through the Nether to search for the Order of the Stone and try to save the world.

Depending on the decisions we make, the story will take one path or another that can lead us to moments of frenetic action or moments in which we will have to exercise our heads. The developer does not recommend installing this application on devices less than an iPhone 5, since the experience can be a nightmare on both an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Minecraft: Story Mode is supported from iOS 7.1 and from iPhone 5 and iPad 3 or higher. To be able to enjoy this game we are going to have a little more than 1 GB free on our device.

The app is no longer available on the App Store