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Minecraft Realms are finally coming to the Apple TV app

Minecraft Realms are finally coming to the Apple TV app

One of the games that has had the most influence on the technological scene in recent years has been Minecraft without a doubt. The game of cubes has managed to cage millions of people by creating their own worlds, developing their own servers with new game modes and, above all, for the benefit of Microsoft, managing to sell millions of game licenses. Minecraft is found on almost any platform, even on Apple TV. The app arrived on this platform in mid-December with a fairly high price, but today we know that the shared worlds themselves hosted on Mojang servers, the Minecraft Realms, are coming to Apple TV.

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Users’ Realms will soon be playable on Apple TV

Minecraft Realms is a service that Mojang offers users with which they can create game worlds and allow other people to join them to advance in the construction of the game. These servers are managed by Mojang and only those that the owner allows can enter. The good thing about these servers is that allows access to users even when the owner is offline.

According to the latest statistics, Minecraft Realms are an important asset in which players invest their time, so Mojang wanted to give a twist and offer the worlds for Apple TV.

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The beauty of this integration is that it will allow users to sign in with their Xbox Live account in order to access the skins created and the configured avatars, so it is not an empty job that these players have done. In addition, it should be noted that these Minecraft Realms have a price that until now was 4 euros per month for the entry of two friends, while the input of ten friends had a price of 10 euros per month.