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Minecraft, new Jurassic World themed DLC available


Minecraft, new Jurassic World themed DLC available

Minecraft is now a point of reference in the videogame world, with a very rich community of fans. The game continues to evolve thanks to many thematic DLCs. The latest addition to Minecraft is the Jurassic World themed DLC which enriches the game with lots of content inspired by the popular cinematic universe. Available for all versions of the game, the DLC marks the anticipated arrival of the dinosaurs in Minecraft.

Jurassic World comes to Minecraft

The new expansion of Minecraft is inspired by the popular 2015 film, Jurassic World, fourth installment of the Jurassic Park film saga. Players will have the opportunity to explore a dinosaur-themed amusement park with the ability to customize it, in every detail and manage it in the best way.

The new Minecraft DLC has just been released. The expansion includes 21 skins and 60 different dinosaurs, including some hybrids. The Jurassic World themed DLC is ready for purchase for all versions of the game which, we remember, is available on consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

The new content is also accompanied by a launch trailer that also recalls the film saga with some successful quotes.

The official trailer for the new Minecraft DLC

The new Minecraft expansion represents another step forward in the game’s development and expansion program. The Jurassic World themed DLC, in fact, promises many hours of fun with new features and content that will certainly enrich the gaming experience.