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Minecraft Marketplace now available in-game Minecraft: Pocket Edition


Minecraft Marketplace now available in-game Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Surely many of you have Minecraft downloaded on your mobile device or even on your computer. If you are one of those passionate about this mythical Mojang game that was later bought in September 2014 by Microsoft for the figure of 2,500 million dollars, now you have one more reason not to stop playing, the new Marketplace. This will allow the user to make purchases in the game in the form of textures, skins, or similar and then you can even earn money by selling your own objects, worlds and others to other users. And it is that not only developers will benefit from this new form of financing, the store that will arrive this spring will allow users to obtain benefits.

Everything that the user buys will be available in the accounts that we have associated with the devices, whether iOS, Android or PC, and in addition to allowing the use of these and the purchase of objects, they can also be created and then sold to other users. In this way, with the arrival in the spring of this update of the veteran Minecraft game, users will enjoy playing and will also be able to earn money.

Statements by John Thornton, executive producer of Minecraft Realms in the presentation of this Marketplace in the city of London, are clear towards a better experience for users, which obviously will not be anything mandatory for them and can be played as before, but there will also be this option of carry out this kind of “purchase-sale” between users. Thornton explained that for players this is the best way to easily get content for the game, and for creators it ends up being a way to monetize them. The game that is undoubtedly a social phenomenon, and with this novelty the community of creators will be allowed to professionalize their work and sell worlds, skins and textures.