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Minecraft Earth for iOS is now available


Minecraft Earth for iOS is now available

Minecraft Earth is now available in our country. For iOS and Android mobile devices compatible with augmented reality. The new video game based on the pixelized virtual world of Minecraft is already a reality in Spain.

We already commented a few weeks ago that a beta phase of this game was running on the internet, and that it would not take long to be officially launched. It was released in October in some countries and it has finally reached ours. As of today, if you have a mobile phone compatible with AR (augmented reality), you can now download it.

Microsoft, owner of the developer of Minecraft, has reported today that it is now available for download on the App Store, but in early access format. It is a pre-definitive version, after the beta phase, but without having all its functions one hundred percent. The final version will be available worldwide before the end of the year.

The game is one of the so-called Free-to-Playthat is to say free but with integrated purchases. You must have a free Microsoft account To be able to log in, you choose your character, and you can now roam freely through the Minecraft universe. The novelty of this “Earth” version is that the game uses the mobile’s GPS geoposition, and with the help of the camera, it combines virtual scenarios with real images, similar to the system used by Pokémon Go.

You need a free and flat space, like a table or the floor of a room, and by pointing the camera on it, you can create 3D maps and see the construction from any angle. It’s like creating a stage of blocks, Lego type, but virtual. A virtual Exin Castles, come on.

This “almost” definitive version brings new functions that the beta phase did not have, such as “adventures”. You have to make a construction in a given time, with the help of other players. New creatures have also been added, you can smelt ores into gold bars, etc.

If we take into account the legion of gamers hooked on Minecraft for years, combined with the spectacular nature of augmented reality, the game is going to be a complete success. I’m looking forward to my kid from school to tell him the news.