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Minecraft Dungeons review: the role-playing game in the style of Minecraft


Minecraft Dungeons review: the role-playing game in the style of Minecraft

Minecraft Dungeons is the first spin-off from Minecraftthe quintessential sandbox game made by Majong and able to dominate the sales charts for years now. The development studio returns to the market with a Dungeon Crawler, a sub-genre of role-playing games characterized precisely by the presence of Dungeons and Fantasy elements. Let’s find out more about Minecraft Dungeons in our review.

Minecraft Dungeons review: the cubed Dungeon Crawler

Minecraft Dungeons offers us, for the first time, a real one history. The main chapter, in fact, is devoid of any context, leaving the player with the task of creating his own story and shaping the world. In this chapter we will play the role of a anonymous hero of which we could initially choose some basic characterizations. Our warrior will leave for a village attacked by theArch-dweller, to defend him from the main enemy of the story who, after a life of harassment suffered, manages to get his hands on the Sphere of Predomination, an artifact of great power that he will use to seek revenge. Through a series of levels, the hero will make his way through hordes of enemies to rescue the imprisoned villagers, rebuild the attacked village and defeat the Arch-dweller.

The plot does not have particularly innovative elements and prefers to give space to the actionfocusing on the exploration of the dungeons and their design, on the weapons and powers available and on the enemies to defeat.

Classic more classic than classic

The game features a gameplay linear which includes sessions of exploration of the dungeons, alternating with a moment of pause in the player’s base. THE dungeons are procedurally generated, which means that, except for particular focal points, the whole labyrinth will always be different every time you enter it. The design of the levels certainly represents the most interesting point of the game, characterized by a “block” graphics in line with the style of Minecraft. Despite the simplicity on a technical level, the details on the map are many with cubic details that make each level colorful and well characterized.

There are many in each level enemiesbetween new models and old acquaintances (we are looking at you Creeper) whose goal is to stop us with all their means available. We have enemies with melee, ranged or magic attacks to attack us or empower and heal their allies. On our side we could use two main attacks, one hand-to-hand and one at a distance. The weapons available are many and can be enhanced with many unique active and passive effects.

By killing enemies, our hero will in fact gain experience points that will allow him to level up. With each level up, the amount of life and defense will increase slightly and will give us a skill point to use. In Minecraft Dungeons i skill points are spent on the weapons that, as anticipated, they will produce devastating powers. It will be possible, for example, enchant our bow so from split arrows that shell or make ours fiery sword. During the game we will also have the opportunity to acquire aarmor to better protect us from enemy attacks and have an extra fighting chance. There is also no shortage of weapons or special attacks that act as spells or abilities for the most complicated situations.

Simplicity and lightness

The gameplay rremains the same for the duration of the game which, in the long run, could bore players looking for a more lively atmosphere. Aside from the aforementioned special spells or the ability to dodge enemy attacks by rolling, the game boils down to a point-and-click simulation where you just need to click repeatedly where needed until the end of the level. On its side Minecraft Dungeons has a number of maps and levels with a strong identity which also offer ahigh replay value. Each dungeon can in fact be faced an infinite number of times, with more difficulty levels, for a degree of challenge and a greater reward. Added to this is also the possibility to face the online levels in the company of some friends.

Scattered around the labyrinths we will also find some objects from to destroy And chests to open to acquire new weapons or emeralds (the game currency) which can be spent on upgrading equipment. In addition to enemies, it will also be possible to attack animals, such as cows and pigs, to recharge our hit points. Unfortunately, the ability to interact with the surrounding environment ends here. The great details that we talked about are simply the graphic peculiarities and practically no aspect of the dungeons will have an impact on the game. No tall grass to cut, no trees to destroy or secret passages.

The power of the cube

The graphic style Minecraft Dungeons stays true to the main game, giving us one bright color palette in the iconic cube mold. Technical simplicity guarantees excellent performance even in the less performing systems giving a fluid game and without drops in frame rate (frame rate) even in the most crowded situations. Complete the whole one soundtrack simple but effective also this in line with the sandbox we all love.

During our test for this Minecraft Dungeons review, we did not find any kind of bugs or glitches, except for a few enemies who remained trapped in confined spaces. Nothing, however, that could undermine our gaming experience

Minecraft Dungeons review: is that all?

The possibilities offered by the game are not many and the simplicity of its operation too frequently comes towards one banality that we did not expect. We are always waiting for a particular event to happen that adds new mechanics but it doesn’t happen e the gameplay remains unchanged from start to finish.

But this could also represent the strength of Minecraft Dungeons for those players who want to relax their mind and dedicate themselves to a simple and fun game. The same goes for the little ones or Minecraft fans who want to immerse themselves in a new version of their favorite world.

It must also be said that the game immediately announces a new series of levels “coming soonWhich means the game will get a lot of attention from Mojang with new worlds to explore and why not, maybe new mechanics or events. The software house has accustomed us to a constant support of Minecraft, who knows who does not reserve this attention also for Minecraft Dungeons?