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Minecraft comes to Apple TV overpriced for a media center


Minecraft comes to Apple TV overpriced for a media center

Many times during the Podcast we talk about the possibilities of Apple TV and how video game development companies are vilely ignoring it. We must bear in mind that this Apple multimedia center is basically an iPhone or iPad placed in a nice box and with physical connections, therefore, it should have the same graphic and development possibilities as it. However, we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, and that is Microsoft and Mojan have just released Minecraft for the Apple TV, with the exception of the rather high price.

At the beginning of the year we heard the Mojang team announce that they were already working with tvOS to offer a version of their fantastic video game for Apple’s living room device, because that time has come. They have not given a release date, however, many are those who say they have already seen it in the tvOS App Store.

It seems that Santa Claus has done a good job with high technology.

Everything is real, we bring good news. We just released Minecraft for the little black boxes. For a limited time, the game will include seven DLCs for free, so you can customize your characters as you like. Minecraft: Apple TV Edition will include the DLCs: Holiday 2015, Town Folk, and City Folk Skins, Plastic, Natural, Cartoon, as well as the Festive 2016 pack. It will cost $19.99 and will be available in all regions.

So, the wait is over and you parents have just lost the TV in the living room, the children are going to get caught up in the world of blocks and pixels during Christmas, if you agree to pay the €20 it will cost. The controversy surrounding mobile video games is once again looming, especially after the no less than €10 that Super Mario Run costs in its full version.