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Minecraft as you’ve never seen it before

Minecraft as you’ve never seen it before

The technology of ray-tracing of the new generation is one of the most fascinating developments on the graphics side of gaming in recent times. The possibilities it offers are incredible, with a truly exceptional and exciting yield. Even when it comes to a title like Minecraft, ray tracing can offer a unique experience. The new images released by NVIDIA that show us what is possible with this technology.

Minecraft, the ray-tracing to leave you speechless

The release of Minecraft with RTX will happen shortly, but while they wait, players can find out more about what awaits them. This is thanks to the collaboration between NVIDIA and some of the most well-known and talented creators of the community of this game. Razzleberries, GeminiTay And BlockWorks have developed some worlds by exploiting the new possibilities offered by this technology. Below you can see three screenshots taken from these creations.

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Specifically Razzleberries created Temples and Totems RTX, a world full of adventures and challenges between mysterious temples, inviting players to continuous exploration. BlockWorks has instead created a theme park to be discovered, called Imagination Island RTX. Here are four distinct lands, each focusing on a specific ray-tracing element. Finally let’s move on to pure Survival with Crystal Palace RTX by Gemini Tay. Here players will be able to discover a majestic castle, built in 1: 1 scale and admire the shadows and beautiful atmospheres of this fantasy world from a completely new perspective.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA has also released a series of guides and tools dedicated to Minecraft players to improve also through the ray-tracing their own worlds. These tutorials cover topics such as creating physically based render textures and converting Java worlds to RTX.

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Minecraft with RTX, born from a solid collaboration between NVIDIA and Microsoft, will be available soon. Are you waiting for it?