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Minecraft arrives on PlayStation VR thanks to a free update


Minecraft arrives on PlayStation VR thanks to a free update

Dear lovers of Minecraft, get ready for exciting news. An update will also make the game available for PlayStation VR by the end of the month. This is the official announcement released by the developer Mojang Studios, which made fans of the title more than happy. Indeed, the game is available for quite a few platforms, with the exception of Sony’s augmented reality. But now, finally, the time for Minecraft VR seems to have arrived, which will be made available soon with a free update.

Minecraft VR, the game available for augmented reality

“Everyone who owns Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will automatically receive the update”, so Mojang Studios presented the new arrival for gamers by the end of the month. “Download the update and you will have access to the new Minecraft VR feature”. And to please the users who have been asking for this update for a long time, the game’s developer has shared a preview of some screenshots of what the new augmented reality experience will be like.

Mojang Studios is keen to point out that the version of Minecraft for PlayStation VR will be “100% the same Minecraft that you can play every day, every week, every month and every year … on PlayStation 4. Nothing has been removed”. In short, it will be the same game in all respects, do not worry. Nothing will be mistreated in the update, word of the developers. There will be only minor changes that will affect the interface and configuration for virtual reality, but nothing more. Players will have the ability to use the controller to move and act, looking around using the augmented reality headset. The update also introduces two different game modes, Immersive And Living Roombut there are no specific details about it yet.

Let us tell you that this update will only further increase the success of a game that has already surpassed 200 million players across all platforms. Imagine what will happen now that we will even have to do with augmented reality.