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Milanese listen: Amazon brings your shopping home to you

Milanese listen: Amazon brings your shopping home to you

The section dedicated to the supermarket U2to shop and receive the groceries at home. A rich and well-stocked catalog, with fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables, with major brands of Italian cuisine, food products, beverages, cosmetics and household cleaning items. Virtually everything what you can find in a physical U2 store, there is also on Amazon. Furthermore, with the discount code “10AMAZONU2”You can receive one discount of 10 euroson an expense of 50. At the moment the service is active in Milan but it could soon expand.

Shopping at home with just a few clicks

With the arrival of the U2 supermarket on Amazon nothing is missing. With practically a few clicks you can choose all the items you prefer, pay for them and receive the shopping at home. It’s a bit like going to the supermarket in person, peek through items and offers, add them to your cart and pay. The difference is that you can do it from the sofa, from the office, during the train journey and the shopping is brought to you by the courier. In short, you don’t need to take hours to fill the fridge, just have your smartphone at hand. If you spend more than 15 euros, delivery is free and you choose the time slot for delivery. The time window for deliveries is from 8 am to midnight!

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Online shopping has depopulated during the lock down and the red zone and for many people it has become an essential habit. If you think about it in cities like Milan, not everyone has cars, carrying full bags and crates of water on foot or by public transport is a challenge. Receiving groceries at home takes a lot of the effort. Plus, it saves you valuable free time.