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Microsoft’s sustainability report is a Minecraft map

Microsoft’s sustainability report is a Minecraft map

We know well that Microsoft cares about the theme of climate changes. And this attention becomes evident above all at a time when the need to tackle the environmental crisis is becoming more and more urgent. Just last year the company announced its goal of becoming carbon negative by 2030, through a plan designed to reduce the environmental impact of the company itself and its partners.

And now, one year later, Microsoft presents the results of the strategy implemented in its Sustainability Report. But, as usual, the company loves to amaze us. On the occasion of the presentation of the report, he also announced the project “City of Sustainability“, A Minecraft map that allows players to explore the company’s green goals in a whole new way. But let’s see in more detail what are the results obtained by Microsoft during the year.

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Climate change: here are Microsoft’s goals

Microsoft’s achievements over the past year appear to be incredible. Addressing the delicate issue of climate change with great concern, the company announced that it has invested in technologies for the removal and capture of carbon. In this regard, Microsoft has also committed to financing projects aimed at removing over 1.3 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by summer.

Furthermore, according to what is read in the sustainability report, the company has managed to reduce its emissions by 6%. And also to reduce solid waste from data centers and Microsoft Campuses by 60 thousand tons. All these results, and many more, can be consulted for free by all users through the Minecraft map “City of Sustainability” downloadable from the “Education Collection” Marketplace.

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And as if that weren’t enough, the map also includes six lessonsdesigned to give students a sense of stewardship of the planet“. In this way, teachers will be able to deal with issues such as sustainable food production, responsible forestry and water treatment. In short, we can officially say that Microsoft not only cares about the issue of climate change, but also wants to help the youngest to assume a responsible lifestyle from this point of view.