Microsoft's commitment to open source

microsoft points to Open source. Once critical of the initiative, the IT giant will next month debate the adoption of open source as a measure to mitigate the effects of the recession. With a group of businessmen and hackers, Microsoft will discuss San Francisco on March 17 and 18 on the need for its implementation.

The crisis favored the development of open source, because it proved a viable alternative for companies that are strangled by budgetary problems. The measure largely saves money that has been invested in programs protected by copyright.

Businesses have found in open source not only a way to clean up their finances, but also to boost productivity and spur innovation. microsoft has not been able to refuse the trend. The San Francisco forum represents an important step since the company will move from simple analyst to sponsor of this edition.

And that is microsoft not only has it lost its fear of open source, but it aims to become the leading company of the movement. His recent actions have earned him the approval of various leaders and companies. microsoft he understood that he gains more from supporting the initiative than from condemning it, and seeks to derive the greatest possible benefit from it. The question is whether the rest of the community will allow its old nemesis to lead the charge.

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