Microsoft profits on a graph

Over the past year microsoft billed at $60 billion, it may seem like a lot of money, but if we analyze the graph above, we can draw some interesting conclusions about the IT giant. What strikes me most is the sudden rise from October 2009, coinciding with the launch of Windows 7in January 2007, there is also another peak, which corresponds to the release of Seebut it is much smaller and go back down around April, a few months later.

It is clear that the two products that earn the most from the company are the different versions of the Windows and the well known Deskwhich is clearly the goose that lays the golden eggs of the companyand that these are pulling the bandwagon of much less profitable products such as video games, which since June last year seem to be stabilizing and starting to be profitable, or online services, which have not generated any profit .

Many of these data show the direct war between the microsoft Yes Google. Considering this data, it must be said that the search engine company charges 95% of your income thanks to Google adsensewhich explains to a certain extent the determination of the people of microsoft gain market share with bingfor which he did not hesitate to conclude an agreement with yahooand thus compete Google in which is its most lucrative market.

For their part, those at Mountain View are focused on developing tools that do the same thing as many competing products and that, in addition to trying to do it better, do it better. cloud-focusedas is the case with Google Docs against Desk, Gmail as an email client vs. Outlookor the Google operating system against the same the Windows.

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Photo: Business Insider

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